Chronic joint pain is one of the most frustrating and devastating things for an athlete or weekend warrior. Having a love for exercise, but being restricted by the body’s joint pain, is nothing short of infuriating. Rather than cancelling your gym membership and watching a whole lot more Netflix, you can still continue exercising without the joint pain. All it takes is a bit of strategy and determination.

Make Changes During Your Workout
Working out each day with the wrong form is a quick and easy way to cause joint pain. Lunges are often the main culprit, since the move requires such drastic bending of the knees. When you squat, your knees should never move forward so significantly that your heels come off the floor. Your shins should stay vertical, heels firmly on the floor, to take stress off of your knees and onto your hips. Since the hips are larger, they are designed to take more of the workload that your poor knees.

It’s also important to really warm-up before any workout so that your joints don’t start screaming at you for a cold start. Five minutes of light movement is all your body needs to get your blood flowing and help it prepare for more intense movement.

Head to an Orthopedic Surgeon
Sarasota orthopedic surgeons make their living helping people recover from chronic joint pain, even pain that you might think is untreatable. Stem cell treatment, for example, is growing in application every day to help permanently alleviate pain in the shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow regions. In the knee alone, stem cell therapy can help generate new cartilage and delay further degeneration in order to better cushion the knee and reduce pain while running, walking, and lifting weights.

Various other therapies and surgeries are available to stop the pain at its source and allow you to continue exercising pain-free for many years to come.

Permanent makeup is the cousin of tattoo artistry. It is ink permanently draw on the skin, but usually in a more subtle and simpler way. If you take pride in your cosmetic appearance and want to do something to make that beauty last without any effort, permanent makeup is your answer.

The Basics of Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup is known as cosmetic tattooing. Your makeup artist will use special techniques like micropigmentation to deposit colored pigment into the top layers of your skin.

What Are the Benefits?
480390_378442755578348_701825829_n_gallery2Applications of permanent makeup can serve many different purposes, more than most people realize. The first and most obvious use of permanent makeup is simply to improve appearance. Some people don’t feel confident without some form of makeup on, while others just prefer to eliminate time from their daily cosmetic regimen. When eyeliner and lipliner are permanently present, the morning getting ready process becomes significantly easier.

Athletes can also benefit from permanent makeup and Tampa laser hair removal so they can look their best at all times without worrying about sweat causing makeup to run or fade. Swimmers especially, who have no way to wear makeup during practices or competitions, can still feel glamorous with permanent eyeliner or filled in eyebrows.

The other beneficial aspects of permanent makeup include helping the disabled or those with injuries. Someone with vision challenges, for example, may not be able to apply makeup well, a problem that permanent makeup can solve quickly. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease or other conditions that make dexterity challenging can also utilize permanent makeup. In addition, people with scars, unwanted birthmarks, or other skin issues can use permanent makeup to minimize and reduce the marks.

Where Can Permanent Makeup Be Applied?
The most popular locations for permanent makeup include on the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. Colored pigment can define and contour eyebrows, create a permanent eyeliner effect, or keep lips looking plump and colorful. Experts recommend that permanent makeup be applied in a subtle way since it’s difficult to have removed. Choosing trendy green eyeliner may be a mistake when the trend fades after two months.

Hundreds of years ago, all food was organic because artificial chemicals simply did not exist. Farmers were at the mercy of nature for the success of their crops, and towns and families lived or died on the success of a harvest season.

Organic Food

Today’s world of farming in America could not be more different. The Industrial Revolution jumpstarted a major movement in which humans could rely upon man-made chemicals to change, alter, and seemingly enhance problems to better suit the needs of the general population. In farming, this progress translated into pesticides, herbicides, and other fertilizers.  

Many years passed before scientists and researchers began discovering just how damaging farming chemicals are to humans. The term “organic” became a major cornerstone of the sustainable food movement as the public was made aware of the dangers of chemically-laden meats, produce, and dairy products. As consumers demand more transparency regarding the foods they eat, and as science continues to demonstrate the harmful impacts of pollutants and toxins on the body, more and more farmers are stepping up to provide organic food options. This is also why tampa hormone replacement therapy is so popular today as well. So what exactly is organic, and why should it matter to you and your family?

Organic Farming

The term “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process crops and other food products including fruits, vegetables, dairy, grain, and meat. Organic farming is designed to reduce pollution, conserve soil and water, and eliminate chemical exposure to plants, animals, and humans. Instead of pesticides and insecticides, organic farmers use natural fertilizers and crop rotation to manage weeds and bug damage.

The Importance of Organic Farming

“Going organic” has become such a trend because it offers immense health benefits over conventionally farmed food. Without the invasion of fertilizers and other harmful chemicals, organic farm foods don’t place dangerous disease-causing toxins into your body or stunt your child’s delicate immune system. You can be entirely organic inside and out with Tampa detoxification treatments. In addition, organic food is free of preservatives and therefore fresh and pure when compared to artificially processed food. The taste is truly incredible!

Many people prefer organic food because organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or unnatural feed. This means that organic meat and milk are better for the body and richer in nutrients. Overall, organic is a safe food alternative and, despite being more expensive right now, is slowly becoming the new expected norm in the food industry.

brain injuryWhen someone breaks his arm or suffers a terrible dog bite, the wounds are visible for all to see. People on the street are more likely to hold the door and demonstrate extra patients to a person who has been clearly and obviously injured. Traumatic brain injuries, on the other hand, are virtually invisible. Once the signs of any physical pain heal and fade away, nobody other than close family members and friends know that somebody’s mind has been completely altered.

Defining TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries occur when the brain is severely injured through some form of physical trauma. The physical trauma may be the head violently hitting another object or a foreign object piercing the skin and entering brain tissue. TBIs impact nearly two million people every year in the United States.

The Results of TBIs

The physical pain of a traumatic brain injury, the medical attention required, and the rehabilitation services process afterward are all frightening and difficult, but not as many people consider the lasting consequences of a TBI.

Many outpatient TBI location patients experience problems that range from physical restrictions and sensory deficiencies to unexpected behavioral changes and cognitive and communication discrepancies. Since the brain is the control center for the rest of the body, even minor brain injuries can result in major problems elsewhere.  

Cognitive deficits are some of the most common effects of traumatic brain injuries. These shortfalls are dictated by the portion of the brain that is struggling to work at full speed. For example, after a car accident a person may be less aware of his surroundings, unable to focus or solve problems, and incapable of long-term memory. Others may have difficulty setting goals or staying organized. This is extremely common among soldiers who return home after sustaining injuries only to find they cannot even remember the name of the country in which they were injured.

Helping TBIs Become More Visible

Many non-profit organizations and medical establishments are working to help the general public better understand the impacts of traumatic brain injuries. While it will take time and effort for the effects of TBIs to become more deeply appreciated, it is a step in the right direction to help TBI patients feel that their pain is not invisible.

Diamonds are known for many things, most notably of course as a sign of love and devotion between newly engaged couples, but the ever-evolving nature of science and technology has actually discovered a rather unexpected use for nanodiamonds in detecting early stage cancers!

What Are Nanodiamonds?


These tiny particles are formed during the process of diamond refining and mining. Despite being thousands of times smaller than one human hair, hence the term “nano”, they are quickly unveiling themselves to be quite a miracle to modern medicine because they are nontoxic, nonreactive, and can carry a host of different drug compounds with them for targeted drug delivery that previously has been difficult or impossible.

Scientists have already uncovered incredible uses for nanodiamonds in preventing tooth loss after a root canal since they can carry antibiotics to the surgery site and eliminate the possibility of further decay. The nanodiamond’s properties and affordability make it the upcoming hotshot of the medical world.

How Can Nanodiamonds Help Detect Cancer?

Just as an engagement diamond glints in the sun, nanodiamonds can be hyperpolarized to “light up” in an MRI in order to identify the cancer. But how? The trick involves turning a pharmaceutical problem into a physics problem, as Professor David Reilly from the University of Sydney explained. Since nanodiamonds have magnetic characteristics that turn them into beaconos during an MRI, the nanodiamonds can be hyperpolarized and then attached to molecules targeting the cancer to move with them and ultimately arrive at the cancer cells.

This process can allow doctors and internists to image and target cancers before they ever become life-threatening, especially in difficult to track cancers like brain and pancreatic cancer. Anything that can even potentially identify cancer early on will save millions of lives in time. Patients can receive effective treatment much sooner, saving everybody involved valuable time, money, and peace of mind.

Newborns have their eyes examined not long after birth, and a basic examination is a part of every yearly check-up for children. However, these exams are very basic and don't always catch problems. When it comes to really knowing about a potential vision problem, the best way to find out is by taking them to a Tampa eye clinic at the first suspicion of an issue.

Signs To Watch Out For

Signs of vision problems can very difficult to spot the younger a patient is. Issues with toddlers are especially difficult to catch, due to the fact their natural movement patterns may mimic signs. In general, once a child begins to master the ability to communicate, it is easier to discern problems. For children this age may vary between 4 and 6. Signs to look out for include: squinting, difficulty recognizing or learning shapes, letters, and numbers, clumsiness -always bumping into things, and trouble picking up objects from the floor or surfaces that are within reach, but above them. Each of these can indication blurred vision, nearsighted or farsightedness. When they start school signs such as difficulty learning can arise rather quickly. Hunching over a book and squinting are often telltale signs of school aged children with undiagnosed vision problems. Headaches can also begin to manifest, especially once children begin to have textbooks to read through. These issues can lead to needing Tampa cataract eye surgery.

Keep Up With Preventative Care

In addition to keeping an eye on a child's behavior in school and at home, it is important to keep up with regular physicals. A primary care pediatric doctor should be able to spot problems more quickly if patients discuss their concerns. Any unusual behavior that may be related to vision should be discussed at each appointment. The sooner vision problems get the correction they need, the less impact they can have on a child's quality of life and academics. If issues persist into the teenage years, consider Lasik vision therapy in Tampa Bay. -

One of the most important parts of your body is your eyes and making sure that they stay in great shape is a top priority for most people. For the eye care professionals in this field, finding a way to get the newest eye equipment without going over budget is a top concern. There are a variety of new and different tools that come out on a regular basis and each of them claims to expand your business and provide a better experience for the user. In order to find the best options for your particular practice, you will need to do some research. The following are a few of the most common pieces of equipment used in the eye care industry.

eye equipment

Retinal Camera

One of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the eye car profession is the retinal camera. This machine is used to take pictures of the backs of your eye and can be used to detect a variety of different eye diseases.

The Phoropter

Another very common piece of diagnostic eye equipment that is used in the eye care industry is the phoropter equipment service. This machine is used in order to measure refractive errors in the eye and to gauge the strength of glasses that a patient needs.

The Keratometer

In order to measure the flatness or steepness of a patient’s cornea, an eye doctor will use what is called a keratometer. This machine is also used to measure and accurately fit a patient for contact lenses.

These are just a few of the many tools that are used to treat your patient’s eyes. In order to find the right tools for your practice, you will need to speak with a professional in the sales side of the industry for help.

Hormone replacement has become a highly publicized topic and most women are now searching for natural alternatives to the standard hormone therapy. During the reproductive years, the varying cycles of progesterone and estrogen affect their neurotransmitters. This causes most women to experience painful conditions, mood swings, bloating and many other unpleasant symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Fluctuations in these hormones can also contribute to sweating at night, hot flashes and weight gain.

Those going through menopause often decide to restore their progesterone, testosterone or estrogen levels using Tampa hormone replacement therapy. However, this method has its own risks. Because of this, there have been debates on the use of natural hormones over the conventional hormone therapies.

Natural Hormone Replacement

Although pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapies are useful, natural options are always the best as they address the underlying imbalances like those available at Trinity Pharmacy. They include the following;


There are various dietary changes that need to be effected. Generally one should reduce the intake of stimulants processed, spicy and oily foods. Some of the recommended ones are;

1. Cruciferous Vegetables: They include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. They contain indole-3-carbinal which is metabolized within one’s body to produce diindolylmethane. This helps in modulating estrogen.

2. Phytoestrogens: These are basically plant-based substances that help in balancing hormones naturally. They are found in soy foods, sunflower seeds, legumes and bean sprouts.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicine helps by influencing hormonal changes and treating individual symptoms. It is administered in forms such as capsules, infusions, creams and tablets. The Ayurvedic herb: shatavi is known to help in menopausal hot flashes as well as PMS that is associated with mood swings and irritability. Other examples of herbal medicine include; black cohosh, dong quai (angelia polymorpha) as well as maca (lepidium meyii). Before using any herbal remedy, you should consult a trained practitioner.


Exercising affects the levels of chemicals and hormones in the body. It increases the endorphins as well as brain chemicals that are responsible for happiness. This helps in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Excessive fat tissue acts as an endocrine organ which produces more estrogen. Exercising can help to maintain a healthy body weight hence the body will not over-produce certain hormones.

Deep Breath

Ding 15 minutes of deep breathing twice per day can reduce night sweats as well as hot flashes and improve a person’s sense of well-being. Mind quieting techniques like primordial sound meditation can help to reduce adrenaline or stress hormones allowing the body to function efficiently.

Other recommended lifestyle changes include;

1. Avoiding smoking

2. Reducing alcohol consumption

3. Avoiding overheating

4. Wearing layered cotton clothes and

5. Ensuring proper ventilation in your house or premise.

The above natural hormone replacement techniques can help you to maintain a proper hormonal balance in your body. This is important if you desire a healthy and happy lifestyle.

When someone has an issue that requires a medical doctor, the daunting effect comes during the search process of a medical professional. Many are times doctors have many patients to attend to and appointments awaiting. Due to this, many people opt for a walk in clinic. Still, finding one that is up to someone’s standard and requirement is not an easy task.

Things to look for in a walk in clinic

1. Competent Doctors

One factor to consider when using walk in clinics is the qualification of the doctors. Not every staff in the clinic is qualified to do consultation. When you want to choose a walk in clinic, ensure that you are under a certified doctor. Nurse practitioners may not be up to task in giving someone consultation. The patient’s health is at stake and there should be no trial and error. Looking for a board- certified doctor is the best option.

2. Time spent in waiting

One of the most annoying thing is for a patient to wait for hours in a queue waiting to be served by one doctor. A walk in clinic should be very first in serving its patients. Long waiting queues are an emblem of how the clinic is inefficient and greedy such that they cannot add some stuff to reduce the work load. It also indicates that, the clinic does not value the time of the patients. A good walk in clinic should have a well laid out system that works very first. No one patient should wait on the corridor for more than ten minutes. Unless the doctors are dealing with critical issues, time spent to wait should be very minimal.

3. Insurance

A clinic having a myriad of insurances is the best. This clinic indicates that it’s ready to serve its patients with efficiency that is required. They also indicate that they want to serve as many people as possible. Mostly, walk in clinics having many insurances are cheap compared to others. The ones with little insurance some tend to highly increase the price. A good insured clinic portrays a professional face to the patients. This clinic is prepared and ready to serve everyone. It also shows that they took their time before starting the clinic.

Everyone’s health is very important and therefore choosing the best walk in clinic is a wise decision. Matters of health are very important and therefore landing on a qualified doctor is everyone’s right.

iplIPL or Intense Pulse Light is a technique that utilizes flashlight technology which is a light source with a broad spectrum to improve the general outlook of your skin in terms of treating any skin-related diseases, photorejuvenation and removing skin hair. This is done without necessarily causing any harm to your skin. IPL makes your skin like and feel smoother. However, complications such as hype-pigmentation can occur depending the patient.

IPL for face and neck involving hair removal is done by applying a broad spectrum of light to the specific areas, in this case the neck and the face. The broad spectrum light of a certain controlled wavelength is focused on the melanin in the skin. Once the melanin in the skin is targeted, the skin absorbs the light which flows to the hair roots. The light destroys the hair source by heating the hair follicles. "On average, about 10 treatments are required for the treatment on the face and the neck to effective," says Tampa plastic surgeon Dr Bruce Landon.  The heat emitted by the body is also absorbed naturally by the body, and the body uses it to self-heal. The result is that your skin on the face and the neck becomes hairless and smooth.

IPL for skin smoothening is also done in a similar manner for the face and the neck. The broad light spectrum provides just enough heat for the skin to produce new connective tissue and collagen tissue. These tissues are the basis of a healthy and a soft skin. The result is that the skin on your face and on the neck looks way younger and softer than ever.

IPL can also be done for its medicinal qualities especially if you have any facial or neck skins vascular problems. IPL can be used to treat ace vulgaris, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, photo damage on your skin, pigmented lesions vascular lesions among other skin defects.

IPL for the facial skin also commonly referred to as photofacial can be used to correct and treat defects such as dilated blood vessels, skin redness, age spots, skin wrinkles, enlarges skin pores, sun damage on your skin among other defects. It could be classified as a cosmetic filler like the ones seen here in this Botox tampa patient gallery.

IPL has been tested and proved in terms of its effectiveness by doctors with over 60% effectiveness on average in all patients. Full effects are observable after a period of 6 months on average. Side effects have a 10% likelihood of occurring in any patient although they are not permanent meaning despite the side effects, the skin later adjusts to normalcy.