iplIPL or Intense Pulse Light is a technique that utilizes flashlight technology which is a light source with a broad spectrum to improve the general outlook of your skin in terms of treating any skin-related diseases, photorejuvenation and removing skin hair. This is done without necessarily causing any harm to your skin. IPL in Kansas City makes your skin like and feel smoother. However, complications such as hype-pigmentation can occur depending the patient.

IPL for face and neck involving hair removal is done by applying a broad spectrum of light to the specific areas, in this case the neck and the face. The broad spectrum light of a certain controlled wavelength is focused on the melanin in the skin. Once the melanin in the skin is targeted, the skin absorbs the light which flows to the hair roots. The light destroys the hair source by heating the hair follicles. "On average, about 10 treatments are required for the treatment on the face and the neck to effective," says Dr. Stegman of Midwest Medical Aesthetics.  The heat emitted by the body is also absorbed naturally by the body, and the body uses it to self-heal. The result is that your skin on the face and the neck becomes hairless and smooth.

IPL for skin smoothening is also done in a similar manner for the face and the neck. The broad light spectrum provides just enough heat for the skin to produce new connective tissue and collagen tissue. These tissues are the basis of a healthy and a soft skin. The result is that the skin on your face and on the neck looks way younger and softer than ever.

IPL can also be done for its medicinal qualities especially if you have any facial or neck skins vascular problems. IPL can be used to treat ace vulgaris, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, photo damage on your skin, pigmented lesions vascular lesions among other skin defects.

IPL for the facial skin also commonly referred to as photofacial can be used to correct and treat defects such as dilated blood vessels, skin redness, age spots, skin wrinkles, enlarges skin pores, sun damage on your skin among other defects. It could be classified as a cosmetic filler like the ones seen here (http://lookmybest.net/cosmetic-procedures/)

IPL has been tested and proved in terms of its effectiveness by doctors with over 60% effectiveness on average in all patients. Full effects are observable after a period of 6 months on average. Side effects have a 10% likelihood of occurring in any patient although they are not permanent meaning despite the side effects, the skin later adjusts to normalcy.