Permanent makeup is the cousin of tattoo artistry. It is ink permanently draw on the skin, but usually in a more subtle and simpler way. If you take pride in your cosmetic appearance and want to do something to make that beauty last without any effort, Tampa permanent makeup is your answer.

The Basics of Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup is known as cosmetic tattooing. Your makeup artist will use special techniques like micropigmentation to deposit colored pigment into the top layers of your skin.

What Are the Benefits?
480390_378442755578348_701825829_n_gallery2Applications of permanent makeup can serve many different purposes, more than most people realize. The first and most obvious use of permanent makeup is simply to improve appearance. Some people don’t feel confident without some form of makeup on, while others just prefer to eliminate time from their daily cosmetic regimen. When eyeliner and lipliner are permanently present, the morning getting ready process becomes significantly easier.

Athletes can also benefit from permanent makeup and Tampa laser hair removal so they can look their best at all times without worrying about sweat causing makeup to run or fade. Swimmers especially, who have no way to wear makeup during practices or competitions, can still feel glamorous with permanent eyeliner or filled in eyebrows.

The other beneficial aspects of permanent makeup include helping the disabled or those with injuries. Someone with vision challenges, for example, may not be able to apply makeup well, a problem that permanent makeup can solve quickly. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease or other conditions that make dexterity challenging can also utilize permanent makeup. In addition, people with scars, unwanted birthmarks, or other skin issues can use permanent makeup to minimize and reduce the marks.

Where Can Permanent Makeup Be Applied?
The most popular locations for permanent makeup include on the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. Colored pigment can define and contour eyebrows, create a permanent eyeliner effect, or keep lips looking plump and colorful. Experts recommend that permanent makeup be applied in a subtle way since it’s difficult to have removed. Choosing trendy green eyeliner may be a mistake when the trend fades after two months.