How Much Does Organic Food Matter?

Hundreds of years ago, all food was organic because artificial chemicals simply did not exist. Farmers were at the mercy of nature for the success of their crops, and towns and families lived or died on the success of a harvest season.

Organic Food

Today’s world of farming in America could not be more different. The Industrial Revolution jumpstarted a major movement in which humans could rely upon man-made chemicals to change, alter, and seemingly enhance problems to better suit the needs of the general population. In farming, this progress translated into pesticides, herbicides, and other fertilizers.  

Many years passed before scientists and researchers began discovering just how damaging farming chemicals are to humans. The term “organic” became a major cornerstone of the sustainable food movement as the public was made aware of the dangers of chemically-laden meats, produce, and dairy products. As consumers demand more transparency regarding the foods they eat, and as science continues to demonstrate the harmful impacts of pollutants and toxins on the body, more and more farmers are stepping up to provide organic food options. This is also why tampa hormone replacement therapy is so popular today as well. So what exactly is organic, and why should it matter to you and your family?

Organic Farming

The term “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process crops and other food products including fruits, vegetables, dairy, grain, and meat. Organic farming is designed to reduce pollution, conserve soil and water, and eliminate chemical exposure to plants, animals, and humans. Instead of pesticides and insecticides, organic farmers use natural fertilizers and crop rotation to manage weeds and bug damage.

The Importance of Organic Farming

“Going organic” has become such a trend because it offers immense health benefits over conventionally farmed food. Without the invasion of fertilizers and other harmful chemicals, organic farm foods don’t place dangerous disease-causing toxins into your body or stunt your child’s delicate immune system. You can be entirely organic inside and out with Tampa detoxification treatments. In addition, organic food is free of preservatives and therefore fresh and pure when compared to artificially processed food. The taste is truly incredible!

Many people prefer organic food because organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or unnatural feed. This means that organic meat and milk are better for the body and richer in nutrients. Overall, organic is a safe food alternative and, despite being more expensive right now, is slowly becoming the new expected norm in the food industry.